Beste Wasserqualität am Weissensee

Scuba diving.

In the alpine area, the Weissensee is one of the most beautiful dive sites. The visibility goes up to 20 m and there is still twilight at 50 m depth. The best diving time is at the Weissensee from June to October, September is the most beautiful diving month. Then the fauna is at its peak and the water is still pleasantly warm. The sunken tree trunks, the steep walls and the algae curtains in the lake make the underwater landscape interesting. The lake is rich in fish, pike, giant carp, swarms of perches, reindeer and lake trout accompany you. 

Diving schools.

The diving base "Yachtdiver Weissensee" is located in the center of Techendorf, opposite the Raiffeisenbank. There are snorkeling dives and PADI diving training, boat dives and dive trips, a bottle filling station, ice cream in the winter, equipment rental and a dive shop. Click here for details...

The diving school "PADI Tauchschule Dive-World" is located on the east bank of Weissensee. It offers a variety of courses and provides diving equipment and, if required, complies with the standards of the world's largest diving instructors organization PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Ice diving.

From the end of December until the end of February, ice diving is possible at Weissensee.

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