Your dog
is welcome
at alte Säge

And dogs love alte Säge...
Border Collies, Dachshunds and Dalmatians are welcome. We are happy to provide a water bowl and dog bags. And for all non-dog owners: Do not worry, our four-legged guests are only allowed in certain apartments.


For dogs we charge a daily fee of € 17 / animal
and an additional cleaning fee of € 70,
since we clean the apartments so that even allergy sufferers
feel comfortable after an animal visit in the apartments.

If you are looking for accommodation to bring your snake,
your guinea pig, your horses or your cats, we are not up for it.


The walk from alte Säge to Ronacher Fels will be perfect for all shepherd dogs and Münsterlands. From swimming in the lake your dog will sleep well. A welcome guest is your dog also in the Badehütte. If you have forgotten your leash, this is certainly not a problem at the bathhouse.
Because not every guest of alte Säge thinks that way, your dog must not join the beach of family Jank.

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